At The Billing Project our aim is to help you achieve the best billing solution at the lowest cost. Here are some of the ways that we typically help:


Requirements Capture

Need some help working though your billing requirements? We can help.  We can help you understanding all the integration touch points and can help you define the details of your model.  We have worked with startups and billion dollar corporations, we understand subscriptions in and out and can help you understand what you are letting yourselves in for and where the hidden rocks lie.



Subscription and usage billing offer a dizzying array of pricing possibilities. We have worked through complex pricing decisions with top companies. We know what’s easy and what’s hard, what’s compelling and what’s confusing. We can help you choose the pricing strategy, model and price points that will maximize your revenue.



Integration with third parties can be one of the biggest pain points that a customer faces. Unlike a lot of integrators out there, we’ve done it before. We have the technical and business experience to work out the issues in advance, give you realistic estimates and focus on ways to stage your solution to get the pieces that matter most up and running first. We have worked with the top 3rd-party SaaS solutions such as Zuora, Recurly, PayPal and Litle and we can accelerate your adoption and turn that integration project into a success.


Custom billing solution

Need something a little different? A billing solution that is hand tailored to your needs? Something that can integrate cleanly with your internal systems, grow with your business and meet all your customer service requirements? If you do, we have something rather special for you. The Billing Project Team has an Open Source billing system, Kill Bill, with a unique plugin architecture that allows us to build a custom solution to meet your exact needs at a fraction of the cost of building something yourself from scratch. If you have complex integration needs, if your business depends on rapid pricing model innovation or if you just want to know that you are in control then this is the solution for you.